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US Rebukes Egypt for Using Child Soldiers

Human Rights Watch 26 Sep 2023
Human Rights Watch has documented serious abuses committed by the Egyptian military and pro-army groups in Sinai since 2013 ... Listing Egypt on the child soldiers list is significant step towards scrutinizing abuses by Egypt’s military in North Sinai ... account and ends their abuses.

The Guardian view on the US and Abu Ghraib: recognition and redress is long overdue ...

The Guardian 26 Sep 2023
... abuses by the US military began at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Reports of what was happening soon emerged, and an internal military report found “numerous incidents of sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses”.

No Justice for Iraqis Tortured by US

Consortium News 26 Sep 2023
government paying compensation or other redress to victims of detainee abuse in Iraq ... HRW noted that al-Majli has spent the nearly two decades since his release pursuing redress for the abuse he endured at the hands of U.S ... military.” ... for detainee abuse, including torture.

UN: Myanmar Military Ups Airstrikes, Mass Killings to Subjugate Population

Voa News 26 Sep 2023
Despite this abuse of the Rohingya, the military has been calling for the return of thousands of Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh to Rakhine State by the end of the year, “despite the clear absence of conditions for safe, dignified, and sustainable returns,” said Türk.

Editorial: Free April Perry from J.D. Vance’s hostage drama

Hastings Tribune 26 Sep 2023
Tuberville has been using and, in our view, abusing his senatorial privileges to hold up hundreds of military promotions since January. Well-deserved promotions for those who guard the nation’s security must wait while Tuberville demands an end to what he, among others on the MAGA right, calls the “woke” agenda supposedly creeping into the military.

China opposes U.S. adding Chinese firms, individuals to SDN list: MOC

Xinhua 26 Sep 2023
... and Blocked Persons (SDN) List" for so-called connections to Iran's unmanned aerial vehicle and military aircraft development, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) has said.

First, the loss of her child, then the loss of legal rights

The Philadelphia Tribune 26 Sep 2023
... was Black asked her, according to her claim, “who told it was a good idea to become pregnant if she had fibroids.” And when she asked for stronger pain medication, Lejeune’s staff said no, citing an opioid crisis in the military, even though she had no history of substance abuse.

AmaBhungane: The men behind the masks abusing journalism

Independent online (SA) 26 Sep 2023
A free press is necessary for a healthy democracy, but the way amaBhungane is allowed to conduct itself and abuse the name of journalism for cheap propaganda is truly sick ... Sole has built his name on supposedly using his time in the military as a soldier for the apartheid government to write a “secret” exposé on police abuses.

America’s wariness about democracy is always worrisome

Blitz 26 Sep 2023
Numerous Afghan men and women volunteered, cooperating with US military forces and intelligence agencies, offering critical information on strategic targets ... However, this support has come under scrutiny due to human rights abuses by the Nigerian military, raising questions about the efficacy and ethical implications of American involvement.

Iraq: Torture Survivors Await US Redress, Accountability

Human Rights Watch 25 Sep 2023
After a few days at Habbaniya military base and at an unknown location in Iraq, US forces moved al-Majli to Abu Ghraib prison ... Such cases were referred to investigators of the alleged abuser’s branch of the military, such as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), for further investigation.
photo: US Army / Spc. Ronald Shaw Jr.
File - Iraqi Soldiers participating in Operation SQUEEZE PLAY a major operation to capture insurgents and stop insurgent activity throughout the ABU GHRAIB area, take away detainees. Operation SQUEEZE PLAY is carried out under Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

US has failed to compensate tortured victims of its Iraq prisons: HRW

Al Jazeera 25 Sep 2023
Two decades on, the United States has failed to provide redress or compensation to Iraqi victims of its military’s torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib and other prisons, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW) ... A February 2004 report to the US-led military coalition by the International ...

Niger coup: Macron says France to withdraw troops and ambassador

Business Ghana 25 Sep 2023
President Emmanuel Macron has said France will withdraw its ambassador and end all military co-operation with Niger following a coup ... He added that military co-operation was "over" and French troops would leave in "the months to come" ... It is accused of human rights abuses and has been helping some new military regimes.

Mexican journalist in Michigan wins asylum, finds works on farm

Detroit Free Press 25 Sep 2023
For years, Emilio Gutiérrez Soto was a reporter in Mexico, where he helped uncover corruption and abuses in the country's military ... Gutiérrez Soto “has a well-founded fear of persecution in Mexico,” the Board wrote, citing his “journalistic work that was critical of the military” and the “numerous letters and extensive declarations in support.".

Guinea’s 2009 Stadium Massacre Trial

Human Rights Watch 25 Sep 2023
Security forces who deployed throughout the neighborhoods where the majority of opposition supporters lived carried out additional abuses, including murder, rape, and pillage ... Diakité also commanded the Presidential Guard, an elite military unit implicated in extensive abuses on September 28, 2009, and in the following days.
photo: Creative Commons
Oil gas is pumped into a vehicle

Oil prices rise, tight supply back in focus

Reuters 25 Sep 2023
Companies. Baker Hughes CoFollow ... Brent crude futures climbed 71 cents, or 0.76%, to $93.98 a barrel by 0809 GMT after settling 3 cents lower on Friday. U.S ... Our Standards ... Acquire Licensing Rights ... Paul is a Pulitzer Prize finalist, Selden Ring Award winner and Overseas Press Club runner-up for his investigations into abuses by the Nigerian military.